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Congratulations to the Finalists:
Bowhead Health
Mobile App to Streamline Teledermatology for AD
Thank you to all participants!
The Winner will be announced after our Pitch Event on December 9, 2020


Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common, chronic condition that affects approximately 16 million adults in the US alone. AD is an inflammatory skin disease, characterized by itching and recurrent lesions. Associated with unpredictable flares, AD can result in intense itch and pain that may lead to difficulty sleeping, anxiety/depression, work absenteeism, and impairment of daily activities.

To help address the myriad challenges faced by patients with atopic dermatitis and their providers and caregivers, Eli Lilly and Company (“Lilly”) is pleased to announce the Transforming Atopic Dermatitis Care Innovation Challenge (“the Challenge”) to help identify innovative new ideas for patients living with this condition.  The goal of the Challenge is to discover potential solutions for enhancing the quality of life and patient care for people with inflammatory skin diseasesSample topics include disease burden management, diagnosis and monitoring, care enhancements, and clinical support tools.

The Challenge is a call for novel solutions for patients with atopic dermatitis, their caregivers, and clinicians.  What cutting edge technologies and systems — mobile apps, sensors, connected devices, real-time monitoring systems, algorithms, digital games, etc. — can be deployed to enhance care for patients with atopic dermatitis?

The Transforming Atopic Dermatitis Care Innovation Challenge will be conducted in three phases: (1) launch and open submissions; (2) an initial round of judging of submissions and selection of up to five finalists from the applicable entries; and (3) a pitch event with real-time judging and the selection of a winner of the $50,000 (US) cash prize on or around December 9, 2020.  In addition, Lilly may choose to work with the winner to further develop their product or concepts.  See the official Challenge Terms and Conditions.



The Challenge is open to patients, caregivers, clinicians, advocates, students, researchers, and community members over the age of 18. Participants are welcome to submit more than one idea. Participants are invited to submit ideas as individuals or in teams. Teams should have a team representative and a team name. An individual is permitted to be part of more than one team. Legal entities and organizations from across the innovation ecosystem, including start-ups, are also welcome to participate. Please see Challenge Terms and Conditions regarding who is eligible to participate.

We believe there is power and wisdom in the “crowd.” After registering, anyone can comment and ask questions about entries. Participants are encouraged to discuss their ideas non-confidentially and answer questions as they are received.


Participants who wish to submit an idea or comment on the Challenge site should register using the Register tab above.

After registration, participants wishing to submit an idea can go to the Submit an Idea tab above and follow the directions provided to complete and submit an entry. Participants may only submit their own ideas. All members of a team must be individually registered.

All entries will be non-confidential and visible to the viewing public. Entries may be submitted at any time during the Challenge Submission Period.


There will be several rounds of judging. Round One will involve the selection of up to five finalists and entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Impact
  • Novelty
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Commercial Viability
  • Advances Lilly’s Immunology Mission

In the final round, a panel of judges will select a winner from the finalists based on the first four criteria plus “User Experience.” Please see the Challenge Terms and Conditions for complete details.


Participants chosen as finalists will be notified on or around November 20, 2020 and invited to participate in a virtual pitch event on December 9, 2020. There may be unique requirements or restrictions on any finalists who are Health Care Professionals (HCPs).  Please consult the Challenge Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Finalists invited to participate in the Challenge pitch event on December 9, 2020 will share a brief presentation and answer the judges’ questions on how their idea/solution addresses the theme of Transforming Atopic Dermatitis Care.  At the conclusion of the pitch event, the expert panel of judges will select one winner to receive a $50,000 (US) cash prize.*  In addition, Lilly may choose to work with the winner (and possibly other finalists) to further develop their product or concepts.

* Subject to Terms and Conditions.